Taking their mission to new heights 

At Lycored, they believe that exploring the natural world around them leads to important discoveries and unforgettable experiences. So when they heard a group of extreme athletes was headed to the cliffs of Senja Island, Norway, for the first-ever highwire walk beneath the glow of the northern lights, they had to get involved.

They’re incredibly excited to announce the release of Pathfinder, a short film they co-produced. The thrilling documentary short follows a group of European highwire walkers as they prepare for a first-of-its-kind walk under the aurora. The supernatural glow in the sky that inspired the athletes’ adventure reminded them of the inner glow that inspired our own journey to create their wellness application Littleglow. Full of jaw-dropping feats set against the gorgeous sweeping Norwegian landscape itself, Pathfinder depicts an appreciation of natural beauty you have to see to believe. 

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